Why Rent Safe?

By RentSafeUK
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May 28th, 2014

In today’s property investment market it is paramount to make sure you get the best possible tenant, the rent is paid on time and your investments are safe for the future. Last year 35,000 landlords had their properties repossessed and the majority was because their tenants did not pay the rent.

Based on this, our UK Rent Safe Insurance has been designed to keep you safer, help you remove problematic tenants and then pursue them for unpaid rent whilst keeping your investment property properly and safely insured.

We at Rentsafeuk.co.uk know better than anyone what happens when you let out your property and your tenancy goes wrong. Chasing tenants for the cost of damage, unpaid rent or even gaining possession of the property can be costly and time consuming. Whether you are a single or portfolio landlord or letting agent should the worst happen and you have unpaid rent and/or a legal dispute, our new property let protection will give you peace of mind.

We carry out the best referencing in the UK with our Group partners at landlordreferencing.co.uk, who offer a unique combination of credit and behavioural referencing, known as lifestyle referencing to ensure that, not only has your prospective tenant got the ability to pay but also that he has no history of rent arrears, property damage or anti social behaviour. Despite our best efforts we do know that, even when you are following our best referencing procedures, you may still find that you have a tenant who damages your property, doesn’t pay the rent on time or doesn’t pay the rent at all, this is often due to a change in his circumstances/behaviour that could not be foreseen.

There are many ways to protect yourself as a landlord, or as a letting agent, your clients and that is to take cover out with our specialist landlord insurances.