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Feb 22nd, 2016
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Welcome to Rent Safe UK Tenants Content Insurance Quotation Form.

At Rent Safe UK we are constantly asked by landlords and tenants, do tenants need and should they have contents insurance?  The simple answer to this question is yes and here’s is why;

Content Insurance is so good for landlords,

 if a landlord is holding a tenant’s deposit and the tenant should have an accident which involves damage to the landlord’s property, the tenant will immediately have a claim for some or all of their deposit and in many cases even have a mounting claim for repairs against the tenant over and above their deposit.  

and why Content Insurance is so good for a tenant,

 if a tenant has an accident and then has no way of paying for repairs from extra income or savings, the tenant can then lose their deposit and this means the tenant is caught not being able to move home unless they save up an entirely new deposit. In this situation, the landlord may be left with a tenant who has lost their deposit and who also has an additional repair bill. If a tenant cannot meet the damages bill it will immediately put both the landlord and tenant into a difficult position as the tenant may become frustrated and trapped. This scenario becomes known as the “stalemate impasse” – a position to which neither party can move without great financial pains, it becomes almost impossible to agree on an amicable way out and often ends up in a courtroom which costs the landlord and tenant dearly.

Your sum insured should be enough to replace, as new, all landlord’s contents kept in the insured property. Landlord’s contents includes furniture, carpets, furnishings and household goods that either belong to you or for which you are legally responsible.

For a small amount a tenant can protect their deposit and theirs and the landlord’s property, that they rent, with a simple tenant content insurance.

As a Tenant, you can select Contents insurance to help protect your personal belongings but also importantly your deposit and possible future damage claims against you for accidental damage to your rental property.

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