Tenant Content Insurance (commissioned by landlord)

Apr 20th, 2017

Welcome to Rent Safe UK Tenants Content Insurance Quotation Form, this form is commissioned by the landlord who insists their tenant has Tenant Content Insurance before they take up their tenancy agreement. 

At Tenant Referencing UK & Rentsafe UK, we wholeheartedly think that our members should make it mandatory for their tenants to have Tenant Content Insurance to protect both theirs and their landlord’s possessions in the event of an accident. Tenant content insurance can alleviate many problems for both parties and stop a tenant losing their deposit for a very small annual amount.

Landlord,  you will see below that we have filled in the details of your applicant tenant below. Simply tick the final box to give us acceptance to get the existing details of a policy and/or a quote for a new contents policy as part of the referencing procedure, and submit.

Application for Tenant Content Insurance (commissioned by landlord/Agent)

A simple and easy to complete application form, gathering the data needed to provide one of the most competitive quotes on the market.
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    Should you wish to contact us please feel free to do so after you have submitted this form on 0800 9994 994 and ask for the Rent Safe UK insurance department.
  • Please click the button below to confirm that you agree to Tenant Referencing UK contacting your applicant tenant herein as part of the referencing procedure to ensure they take out or currently have a transferable Tenant Contents Insurance to your property.


Here are some FAQ,s about why tenants content insurance is so important

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At Rent Safe UK we are constantly asked by landlords and tenants, do tenants need and should they have contents insurance?

The simple answer to this question is “Yes” and here’s is why; If a landlord is holding a tenant’s deposit and the tenant should have an accident which involves damage to the landlord’s property, the tenant will immediately have a claim by the landlord for all of their deposit and in many cases even have a mounting claim for repairs against the tenant over and above their deposit and this is why content Insurance is so good for a tenant, if a tenant has an accident and then has no way of paying for repairs from extra income or savings, the tenant can then lose their deposit and this means the tenant is caught not being able to move home unless they save up an entirely new deposit. In this situation, the landlord may be left with a tenant who has lost their deposit and who also has an additional repair bill. If a tenant cannot meet the damages bill it will immediately put both the landlord and tenant into a difficult position as the tenant may become frustrated and will then dig in and refuse to move and stops paying the rent. This scenario becomes known as the “stalemate impasse” – a position to which neither party can move without great financial pains, it becomes almost impossible to agree on an amicable way out and always ends up in a courtroom which costs the landlord and tenant dearly.

Landlord Question - Can I make Tenant Contents Insurance mandatory to a new tenant in a new tenancy agreement to protect my possessions?

Answer – “Yes”, it is very simple. At the viewing, if you agree to take a tenant you can make it part of you agreeing to the fact that they will need to have Tenant Contents Insurance. If they say they already have an insurance you can check its validity and the fact that they have changed it to your address before they move in. If they do not have an existing tenants’ contents insurance policy, we will give you a free quote for a policy at your rental address. Our account managers will fill out the relevant boxes, send the form to your tenant and if they accept the quote then they can buy the policy. We can also inform you that the tenant has taken the policy to protect your possessions before they move in. If it is part of your agreement that the tenant takes Contents Insurance and if your tenants ensure through Rent Safe UK we will monitor their annual renewal from the outset, we will get your tenant’s authorisation to inform you if they have renewed their annual policy or if they have failed to renew with Rent Safe UK.

Tenant Question - What benefit do I get from having Contents Insurance?

Answer – The simple answer is that your possessions, as well as those that you are renting from the landlord, are fully insured and you, the tenant, are the sole beneficiary of the contents insurance policy. Although your landlord has insisted that you have the policy to protect the content you are renting from them, all your possessions are insured as well. On application, you will be asked for what cover you would like and the amount of cover to protect your belongings. We will ask the landlord for the amount of cover required to cover their possessions whilst you rent and both amounts will be added together to get the total insured amount of cover needed. Your premium will be calculated on the amount of cover required and the property location of your new home.

Landlord Question - Does Tenant Contents Insurance cost me anything

Answer – No. The Tenant Contents Insurance is your tenant’s insurance for their contents and paid for by the tenant. However, a certain amount of the cost of the cover is to insure the chattels that the tenant is financially responsible for because during their tenancy agreement they are renting them from you. In the event of an accident, the tenant will claim for the damages to your property and then pay for the property to be restored back to the state to which it was handed over to the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy agreement.

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