NLCE – Property Maintenance Report

Sep 6th, 2016



ABOUT YOUR MAINTENANCE ISSUE; You must explain your maintenance problem below and tick all the boxes that are mandatory. All fields marked with a * are mandatory and must be completed.

PLEASE NOTE; This automated email reporting portal allows landlords and tenants to start the process of dealing with maintenance and repair problems with a formal notification. Using  this system will allow for a good re-pour for all landlords and tenants to resolve maintenance and repair issues from the outset. It is important to fill in the fields below correctly otherwise it may result in your property maintenance issue not being registered and your problem not being attended to.

This form has been submitted to the landlord in the email you provided. You will also receive a copy. Please follow the instructions on the email.

The request is held for escalation by the West of England Landlord Accreditation Scheme which is a trading name for the National Landlord Code of Excellence LTD