Property Let Legal Protection & Assistance

By RentSafeUK
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May 28th, 2014

When you let out property there is always the chance of the unexpected happening. Chasing tenants for the cost of damage, unpaid rent or even gaining possession of the property can be costly and time consuming.
Whether you’re a landlord with a single property or large portfolio, if the worst happens and you have a legal dispute, DAS Property Let Legal Protection gives you peace of mind.
Even when you follow the correct referencing procedure, you still may find you have a tenant who damages your property, doesn’t pay the rent on time or doesn’t pay the rent at all.
DAS Property Let has been designed to resolve these problems and help you remove problematic tenants and pursue them for unpaid rent. Problems also occur that no-one can predict such as squatters and damage to your property. DAS Property Let will help in taking the appropriate legal action in both of these circumstances.