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Sep 23rd, 2016

sky-scraper-rentsafeWelcome and thank you for taking time to look at this insurance offer. I would like to personally give you the same deal I got when I spent 30 minutes getting a new quote from another insurer and saved  £28,932 on my insurance premiums in the first year.

Paul Routledge  Landlord &  CEO Rentsafe UK

Rent Safe UK can give you a better premium on Landlords Portfolio Insurance for Commercial and Residential Properties, Covering:

Buildings, Landlords Contents and Property Owners Liability Insurances.

How do we do it? – Well here at RentsafeUK we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Underwriters and Insurance Brokers who place the insurances for Private and Commercial properties up and down the country and have been doing so for many years. We are able to offer insurance quotations tailored to meet your requirements and in this connection we have the pleasure in setting out some of the areas available below:

♦  A comprehensive review, including quotations on your current insurance portfolio.

♦  A detailed report with appropriate recommendations on how your insurance arrangements could be improved by way of cover and/or savings.

♦  The widest tailored policy wording in the UK to fulfil a landlords’ requirements – Cover – Full Perils including Malicious Damage by Residential Tenants, excluding Terrorism unless requested.

♦  Our Claims Handling Service is second to none – a hand-held service which will help you with every stage of an insurance claim/incident – 24/7 assistance including contact numbers, self authority limits for all emergency work, UK based office/staff.

We believe you will find it worth your while to obtain further details of our packages and compare both benefits and costs with your present cover, by way of a comprehensive review including quotations on your existing insurance arrangements.

The application form below allows you to upload from 6 to 16 individual properties for a quotation. You can upload as many properties from your existing files via the two buttons below. You can upload either commercials or residential properties or a mixture of both.


Please call us if you need any assistance in filling out or uploading forms.