HMO Tenant Contents Insurance *NOW AVAILABLE*

By RentSafeUK
In News/Blog
Dec 4th, 2017

What with the more and more private tenants looking to protect their deposit from accidental damage charges, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer:

Tenant Contents Insurance on HMOs – YAY!!

With our new underwriters we are now able to offer a Tenant Contents Policy for rooms within a HMO, to protect not only the tenants belongings but yours too.

What does this mean?

Are you taking deposits? Although we would always recommend taking a deposit, some of our members have been looking for possible alternatives …

So promoting this policy may be the answer.

Taken from the policy documents:

‘Damage to the landlord’s buildings, fixtures, fittings and contents up to £2,500, caused by a number of events including fire, theft / attempted theft / escape of water.’

If you would like to learn more, or receive some promotional material on this, then please get in touch ASAP.