Case Study – Floods / Water Damage in Cumbria 2015 / 2016

By RentSafeUK
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Feb 3rd, 2017

The floods of 2015 / 16 in Cumbria were probably the worst the UK has seen in years with three storms battering the UK in a very short space of time. During these difficult times we continued to access the situation and deployed assistance to our Brokers and their Clients where it was needed most.

  • ‌• Clients in the local area were sent a text message advising where they could find us.
  • ‌• Flowers were sent to a policyholder’s wife after being admitted to hospital shortly after the floods.
  • ‌• A Policyholder dropped their mobile in the flood water after receiving our notification text – we arranged to replace this straight away.

As the rain stopped, we were still there:

In early 2016, our Head of Property & Liability Underwriters and Property Claims Broker Relationship Manager’s visited the affected areas in the north – east England including Ambleside, Grasmere, Glenridding, Pooley Bridge, Kendal and Keswick.

When they arrived the damage in some places was horrendous with entire streets of houses ruined, covered in debris and roads blocked by skips in the attempt to clear up. However within a few weeks of the storms hitting, some positive progress had been made. They met with a number of Policyholders and contractors to establish what had been completed and what the next steps were in order to get back up and running.

Getting these businesses and properties up and running was our priority and we worked with our Brokers and their client’s to ensure further losses were not experienced through various initiatives:

  • ‌• Single tender process to save time on works being carried out
  • ‌• Early engagement of surveyors
  • ‌• Early agreement to reinstate work
  • ‌• Assisted with financing equipment and machinery etc. to encourage partial operations
  • ‌• One of two touch settlements adopted to actively try and settle the claim based on the information that the client had at the time.
  • ‌• Cash settlements
  • ‌• A focused workforce, with accurate reserves, and claims logged as quickly and efficiently as possible.