Buy to let Portfolio Insurance demand on the up

By RentSafeUK
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Sep 12th, 2017

According to new data, the number of landlords has fallen over the past two years despite a rise in supply of homes available to rent – meaning that the typical buy to let investor now has a larger portfolio than ever before.

Research from Estate Agents Countrywide estimates that the number of UK landlords peaked at 3.72m in 2015 when there were 171,000 fewer rented homes than today.

It also reveals that:

  • In 2017 there are just over 154,000 fewer landlords (3.56m in total), but the number of rented homes has increased from 4.9m in 2015 to 5.1m today.
  • Fewer landlords and more rental properties means that the size of the average landlord’s portfolio is the biggest since Countrywide first recorded such information in 2005.
  • In 2017 the average landlord owns 1.44 rented homes, in comparison to 2015 where the average landlord owned 1.33 rented properties and in 2010 the average landlord owned 1.24 rented properties.
  • In 2017 73% of landlords owned one buy to let property, down from 86% in 2010.
  • The number of landlords owning 10 or more homes has risen by a third in the last decade.
  • In 2017 landlords based in the North East are most likely to own the most rental properties (1.54), followed by landlords based in Yorkshire and the Humber (1.52) and London (1.51).
  • London-based landlords are more than twice as likely to have a portfolio of 10 or more homes compared to landlords in any other region.

Owning multiple properties is the dream for most landlords. Although, alongside the many benefits, it can be a real hassle trying to sort out insurance for each separate property.

Rent Safe UK Portfolio Building and Contents Insurance is perfect for landlords who own large portfolios of either residential or commercial or a mixture of both. Developed and specifically tailored to meet professional portfolio landlords requirements, it aims to beat any existing quote in the market where multi-property insurance could cost landlords less than taking out individual policies.

Unlike other insurance companies don’t offer set percentages.
For example, a landlord was originally paying £43,621 in portfolio insurance. After using this service he ended up paying just £21,000, so this landlord made a circa. 50% saving through RentSafeUK in this instance.

RentSafeUK can also add its tailored Rent Guarantee Insurance into your quote too, should you need it.

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