Building Insurance Features

Jun 13th, 2017

Buying insurance can be quite daunting and time-consuming, many people make the mistake of thinking when getting a quote that they are getting like for like quotes because they give the companies quoting the same details.

The fact is that until all policy document and features are shown to you so you can compare them alongside one another it may seem you are getting a great deal but when reading the small print the price will reflect the features of service you will be getting in the event of a claim. Industry forums have argued that as much as 70% of insurance claims are refused based on the declarations made in the small print and an insurer loves nothing more than to find a way of not paying because a landlord has bought on price rather than quality of policy content.

At Rent Safe UK in association with RF Ponsford insurance, we are one of the very few companies that have been given authority to agree on, self-authority limits for all emergency work up to and between £2500-£5000.

It is very simple just this one feature in a vast array of specialist features allows you to be dealt with on a personal level to get the job done immediately a problem arises.

Take a quick look at the features we offer within your policy that offer our members and insurers a better landlord building and content insurance

Features Under This Facility/Scheme

  • Unique facility with wording and cover, not available elsewhere
  • Claims/Incidents – 24/7 assistance including contract numbers, self-authority limits for all emergency work up to and between £2500-£5000
  • Tailored policy wording to fit Property Owners/Landlords requirements
  • Full perils excluding Terrorism
  • Property Owners Liability – Limit of Indemnity £5,000,000
  • English based claims office/staff
  • Alternative Accommodation costs incurred as a result of damage to residential properties covered by Section 1 subject to a limit of 20% of the Building Sum Insured


  • Claims/Incidents are settled via electronic payment
  • Loss Adjuster to visit property within 3-5 working days if necessary
  • Malicious Damage by residential tenants covered
  • Claims/Underwriting – professional advice offered all within the cost of the premium
  • Handheld Claims Service

Thank you for choosing 

Rent Safe UK in association with RF Ponsford insurance services.