Agent Client Support for Legal Expenses & Eviction Costs Cover

By RentSafeUK
In Services
May 28th, 2014

Letting Agents are constantly under fire when a tenant turns bad and even if you are the best agent in the world you can reference a new tenant to the hilt and they can still default on the rent or damage the landlord’s property. As an agent you may offer your landlords a rent guarantee policy and tell them of the benefits but many will say they are ok without. Letting Agent Legal Eviction Insurance is a policy which is taken out to help letting agents who have a bad tenant in the landlords property to get them out without further cost to them or the landlord.

Many agents offer this service free and underwrite their service to a landlord by quoting “If we put a tenant into you property and they default on the rent we will cover all the legal costs to get them out for you.” This service can be added to a landlord’s management cost for as little as £75 per property per annum.