6 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

By RentSafeUK
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Nov 23rd, 2018


Selling your house can be an arduous task especially if you are trying to get a significant return on your investment. Preparing your home for potential buyers or staging it is important as according to a study conducted by OnePoll.com, a potential buyer only takes eight minutes to gauge whether your home is what they are looking for. 

Here are 6 ways through which you can spruce it up: 

  1. Consider its curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal will most certainly influence the buyer’s decision. As such, you should ensure that your exteriors are well maintained. You can achieve by replacing a worn door or renewing it by applying a fresh coat of paint. Also, you can replace a broken doorknob or the old sign or mailbox. 
Further, a neat garden gives the impression that the indoors is well-tended too. Get rid of any weeds, trim overgrown trees and shrubs, clear walkways, and if there is any grass, ensure that it is nicely mowed. You could go a step further and add a garden gate. 

  1. Add a fresh coat of paint and make necessary repairs

Painting is one way reinventing your home’s charm. Rather than using a personal preference, use neutral colours as they appeal to a wider variety of tastes and makes the artwork stand out. 

While it would not be wise to replace your old and worn carpet with a wall to wall one right before selling your property, you can cover the places showing serious wear with inexpensive area rugs. If the floor is wooden, consider adding a new coat of sealant. 

Make the necessary repairs. Have a professional check and fix any problems with the plumbing, electrical system, and the roof. Consider having a professional perform a pre-sale inspection so that potential problems can be identified and fixed before you put your property up for sale. 

  1. Declutter

Most buyers want to picture what it would be like living in your house. Make it easy for them by decluttering and removing unnecessary furniture and accessories. This makes the home appear larger and also eliminates suspicion of underlying problems. An overly cluttered living space creates the impression that it needs repairs, renovations, and probably building of extra storage space. 

Get rid of any old furniture, appliances, kids’ toys, unworn clothing, and anything that you no longer use. 

  1. Update the kitchen and bathroom

Most potential homebuyers’ decisions are influenced by how the kitchen and bathroom look like. While you might not be able to afford an entire kitchen and bathroom makeover, you can do simple improvements such as replacing the faucets, cabinet door handles and updating lighting fixtures. Get rid of any grout and lime-scale in the bathroom and ensure that it’s clean. 

  1. Make the home energy-efficient

Upgrading your home to become energy-efficient gives the potential buyer the impression that they will not need to spend a huge amount of money to become compliant with government policies. 

  1. Make the indoors look well-lit and airy

Making use of as much natural lighting as possible creates the illusion that the home is spacious. Clean the windows so that they allow as much light as possible. Install light fixtures on dark corners and replace any broken lights. Add a wall mirror in relatively small spaces or hallways as it gives the impression of more space. 

These are inexpensive ways through which you can improve your home’s value. However, you might be tempted to spend a lot more anticipating that you will recoup what you’ve spent and even make a profit once you sell. By doing this, you risk making your property too expensive compared to the neighbouring properties. 

Contact a licensed real estate agent if you are unsure of how much the properties in your area cost. A real estate agent will also advise you on what staging techniques to use to appeal to potential buyers.